Parabank JSC has undeniable characteristics of a leader - loyalty, independence, flats and progressive views. Our bank is the special bank. We not only serve to our customers, at the same time we assist in financing implementation of their plans.


Our bank is known as reliable bank. Therefore, everyone wants to cooperate with us and trust their funds to our bank. Our applied programs help to be educated, to be landlord and to enlarge business activity. Accepting rational risks we give opportunity to growth and enlarge business activity.  

Progressive views

We expand new areas as risk management, Management strategy and quality management. The "Social Reliable Bank" position intend to the clients not having high-maintenance to simplify financial position.     


We are proud of our name wined for years during the rapid activity. Our clients know that Parabank means Reliability.  We understand that Our Name - is Our treasure. We are confident that the management of funds must be aimed to the creative purposes.


 The aspects of the bank related to the market position

The big part of all kinds of settlements will be held by the banks as a result of the regulations on different spheres that Azerbaijan Government leads, in this case entrepreneurs will decide to use the services of the bank that serves quick and qualitative for the customers of the people from different types of levels, targeting the development together with them, the bank realizing loyal and social responsibility. In this context Parabank OJSC is completely ready and in determination of the market position in the following years with its team that feels itself as a leader, with its professionalism and the customer service framework which will be presented in the regions. Such tendency of the condition requires that Parabank OJSC should possess dynamically development strategy and the sufficient capital which supports this development and all these factors are considered in the right determination of  strategical targets. 

One of the main aims of Parabank OJSC is to be known and formed as a competatively capable bank in the finance market. Parabank OJSC is an active participant of the local fnance market right now, for the next strategical period the acceptance to the world finance markets and the transfer into the active subject of the international finance markets are considered, by this one of the aims of Parabank is to enlist long-term and cheap resources from the markets and satisfy customer's requirements on financial resources efficiently. The bank reinvests most of its profit on the development of the ifrastructure, technological equipment and the professional improvement of the personnel and increases the real value of its assets and shares. Parabank OJSC improves the partner relationship based on the mutual respect and loyalty and the unconditional fulfillment of the mutual obligations with its customers.


The main priorities of the bank are the followings:


  • To increase the quality of management through systemalizing all aspects of activities of  a Bank.
  • To deliver our organization to the level of high corporate culture and put it on the way of accordance and relevance to globally accepted standards.
  • To improve the professional preparation and to increase the quality of the human capital with the way of forming the corporate culture.
  • The aimly segments of the market and forming the functionally organized structure which is designed to the market providing attention to the customer of this segment.
  • Detailed learning of the wishes on the segment of the customer portfolio.
  • Standartizing the operations, products and services according to the international standards.
  • Improving and appliance of the measurement system of the quality of the services
  • Diversification of the resources and revenues
  • Improvement of the branch management system
  • Improving the fast and durable communication system within a bank.
  • Forming diversified as well as profitable investment and loan portfolios
  • Controlling of  operations regarding the systematic reduction of expenses
  • Creation of the perfection-motivation system that considers to conduct social programs for leading the successful staff policy on the direction of keeping professional personnel in the bank.



The Vision Statement: To be the the bank with high level of corporate culture which is open to the investments and serves to all spheres of economy with the wide branch network. 


The Mission Statement - consists of realizing itself and increasing the value of invested funds, providing to pay the worthy dividends to its shareholders, caring of members of its team with paying attention to the motivation and development of the team, providing maximum satisfaction for requirements of its customers by offering the high qualitative universal bank services, assisting to optimize and develop the financial-production process of the customers, strengthening long-term, mutual and advantageous cooperation with them, providing their interest substantially by fulfilling their obligations towards the suppliers, also by reimbursing the Govermental taxes and the other payments.




Xidmət bankın iş günləri I-V günlər saat 09:00-dan 18:00-dək, VI günlər isə saat 10:00-dan 16:00-dək fəaliyyət göstərir.