Parabank is one of the oldest banks which is devoted to its main principles of conducting business for more than 22 years. It's our main goal to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for our clients by implementing new types of services. One of our latest achievements is Group loans for teachers, doctors, farmers, Micro enterprises and municipal staff. Bank is mainly focused on issuing Micro and SME loans for manufacture, trade and entrepreneurship. Position of "Socially responsible bank" reflects our actions of help in order to ease the access to finance for our clients with low monthly income both in urban and rural areas.

Bank is continuing opening new branches in order to expand the area of the activity all over the country. The total number of branches is 18, of which 7 are located in regions; this fact helps us to maintain the development of the Micro and SME in regions.

Recently, an article was published by Mix staff about Parabank in the "Social performance blog" and in 2009 Parabank received a silver category for reporting on Social indicators to the Mix supported by OCGP and its partners Michal & Susan Dell Foundation and Ford Foundation. This facts could be considered as a confirmation of our social activities.



Xidmət bankın iş günləri I-V günlər saat 09:00-dan 18:00-dək, VI günlər isə saat 10:00-dan 16:00-dək fəaliyyət göstərir.